Bathurst (Mount Panorama)



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Bathurst Australia
Length: 6.213km Run: Circuit Width: 11m Pitboxes: 36
Geotags: 33° 26′ 22″ S, 149° 33′ 28″ E
Tags: circuit, ACC

Laser Scanned ACC Conversion.Mount Panorama Circuit is a motor racing track located in Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia. It is situated on a hill with the dual official names of Mount Panorama and Wahluu and is best known as the home of the Bathurst 12 Hour event held each February. The track is 6.213 km (3.861 mi) in length, and is technically a street circuit, and is a public road, with normal speed restrictions when no racing events are being run.The track has an unusual design by modern standards, with a 174-metre (571 ft) vertical difference between its highest and lowest points, and grades as steep as 1:6.13.


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